Guide to buy a motorcycle

Tips, tools, of which we can use when most needed us, just when we need to choose the bike you want.
So let us begin. Not looking for cheap bikes, but your bike as cheaply as possible.
Ignore the warnings, threats famous guy “is that there is another interested buyer,” “Today I will not be able to because I was with another person, even going to leave a deposit for …”. Just forget it.
The seller wants to sell your goods and you have to set, of course, is just, is normal.
So he gets to see the bike. They need not maintain a relationship for life, it comes to buying something that he has and you want. Point. 

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Well, you’re there and hopefully the bike that interested you when you saw in the picture is the same as you have before you.
Do not accept excuses: the bike has to be cold. You must cold start. There is a trick, you probably already know, to see if the bike has been torn before: If the engine is hotter than the rim means that it was torn before you arrived and that almost certainly means that you have problems cold start.
Once started the bike-cold-is normal to see the “typical” white smoke. Be normal if it goes away, but if it continues, take a pair of revving, put your hand as close to the exhaust and if you oil stain … do not hesitate, it is oil, ie a ruin for your economy.
Keep the bike at idle. This must be progressive. If not and disappears when accelerating is that the distribution chain is not tight enough and should be replaced.

Advantages and disadvantages in buying a motorcycle

Any purchases we make has pros and cons , advantages and disadvantages , but when it comes to purchasing a motorcycle , or spare parts for motorcycles , it seems that we are more questions and the usual one is: Are they trying to rip us off ? 

Make no mistake : if we are faced with the dilemma of buying a used motorcycle in 99 % of cases it is because we have , at least momentarily, chances of buying a new one.
We will not get into explaining why, although it would not hurt to remember the benefits of buying a new bike in front of a used motorcycle : the manufacturer’s warranty , having a place, more than an email address to turn to to claim the promised condition , refund our money if necessary, etc.

It also assumes that a new bike will run perfectly , while a used motorcycle it is still that, a second hand machine , hopefully, because it is very likely that we are with bikes third, fourth …

If all these questions – otherwise normal – we add , still mistrust to transactions involving a financial outlay , we have the right ingredients to be thrown by pressing the accelerator , feeling pass sites , bids and those annoying ads that seem to be selling the latest model Japanese bikes – read Yamaha , Honda , Kawasaki, or even European , ie BMW- when in truth are the latest model of the last decade.

The purpose of these words is to convince them that there is a better way , faster , safe and reliable to buy a second hand bike . And with all legal guarantees . Even more than in a sale face to face.

All advantages , rather than the “real life” , because thanks to the Internet we can see dozens , hundreds of bikes and know their characteristics , status and contact the seller, while the traditional way that would take days and months.

The first and grueling step of going from one place to another looking posters on the street, asking left and right to get a phone from someone who sells a bike which we have no data , and is surpassed.
Using the Internet can contact hundreds of vendors that offer the bike that fits our needs and budget.

From here , the process is almost the same . Contact a seller does not commit you to anything and also, if for some reason you have any problems , you can always return to the page where he got in touch to alert and report to a buyer who does not fulfill its promises.

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