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By accessing and using the website Motorcycletrader.us (hereinafter the “Site”) you (the “User” and / or “Buyer Service “) expressly agrees and adheres to all terms and conditions set forth herein (the “Terms and Conditions of Use Motorcycletrader.us “) If you do not agree or do not agree to these Terms and Conditions of Use Motorcycletrader.us, refrain from using this website.            

1.1 Motorcycletrader.us web page including text and logo are copyrighted. Be copied, distributed, reproduced or transmitted by any means or how the material contained in this site without the written consent of Motorcycletrader.us

1.2 Motorcycletrader.us reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions of Use at any time without prior notice, by posting on this page of the amendments made. For this reason and in order not to violate any of the terms and conditions set forth herein and that you have accepted by accessing and use made of the Site and / or purchasing services , we recommend that these Terms and Conditions of Use are consulted regularly .

1.2 The accuracy of the information published on Motorcycletrader.us responsibility of the owner who provided it, so we are not responsible for errors or omissions that may be published. The Site is not responsible for the accuracy of the information provided in the advertisements. The data of the products / services listed for sale as have been provided by the owner to complete the registration form on our site.

Description of Service

Motorcycletrader.us  is a classified online.

To use the service of the Site, users must provide certain personal data. Your personal information is processed and stored on servers or to maintain high standards of safety and security. For more information about the privacy of personal data, please consult our Privacy Policy and point 7 of this Agreement.

2.1 The Site is not an intermediary between the seller (who publishes the ad) and a buyer; it is only a means of publication and communication between seller and buyer.

2.2 The Site is not commission from the sale of any items advertised.

2.3 The Site for any reason prompted deposit concept announced paragraph of an item.

2.4 The Site is not the owner of the products published.

2.5 The Site is not responsible for the condition of the published products and agreements between buyer and / or seller. Responsibility for reviewing agreements, documents, negotiations and payments is of the user.

2.6 The Site reserves the right to remove ads containing factors that in his view represent a fraud risk to other users of Motorcycletrader.us

Upon ads on Motorcycletrader.us

These are the rules of ads on Motorcycletrader.us. Failure to observe this regulation, the Site reserves the right to remove the ad published without refunding the amount paid.

3.1 For the publication of an advertisement is necessary to provide two means of contact: email and telephone or cell phone and some data item for sale.

3.2 The ad must be published in the appropriate category.

3.3 The ad must contain the actual data advertised item.

3.4 The ad must publish the actual selling price of the article (total cost). The item price shall correspond to the displayed item. No price can publish zero or leave blank.

3.5 If you have pictures, they should correspond to the item for sale (real photos). You cannot copy pictures from other published products or publish obscene pictures or undermine morale.

Posted rates

            To advertise the user has to register and log in motorcycletrader.us, for free. Publishing an item for sale, you will pay a fee of USD 12.00  release for a standard ad in any category. The Site reserves the right to modify, change, add or remove the current rates at any time, without notice.

About the content of The Site

motorcycletrader.us offers the website and the information contained therein, in order that it be used solely and exclusively for your personal use. Under no circumstances may the total or partial reproduction, or the conclusion of any business whose purpose is the information and / or content on the Site is authorized.

The information contained in the Site has been revised; however, it may contain unintentional errors and omissions for which Motorcycletrader.us is not responsible.

The contents of the site are fully protected by national and international copyright and intellectual property. The User agrees to use the contents in a diligent, prudent , proper and lawful , and in particular , you agree not to use such content or contrary to law , morals , the generally accepted customs purposes and / or public order ; reproducing, copying, distributing, allowing public access through any form of public communication ; transform or modify the contents , unless you have permission from the copyright holder or it is legally permitted ; delete, or manipulate the “copyright” and other data identifying the rights of property Motorcycletrader.us on the contents of the Site; and using the contents of the Site for commercial purposes.          

Register for posting ads

Listing, you have to register on the Site. To this end, the user agrees to: provide true, complete, accurate and current in relation to personal and advertising items for sale data information. If  Motorcycletrader.us considers registration data supplied do not correspond to reality, they are outdated , or incomplete , we reserve the right to terminate your registration.

Once you provide to Motorcycletrader.us all required registration data will be sent to your email on record provided a link for activation of your account on the Site . The User is responsible for maintaining information about your username and password in absolute confidentiality, and is responsible for all acts that occur under your user name and password that you provided.

In case of loss or data loss username and / or password the User shall immediately notify Motorcycletrader.us. In any case, the site will not be responsible for damage and / or injury occurring to third parties and / or users of the Site caused by the misuse of your username.

Privacy Policy

All registration data and any information you provide to Motorcycletrader.us through the Site is subject to our Privacy Policy . Please see the full text of our Privacy Notice.   

Amendment of Contents

The User expressly acknowledges and agrees that Motorcycletrader.us may, if it deems appropriate, make corrections, improvements or modifications to the content or services provided via the Site, without giving in any right to claims and / or compensation by the Site.

Tort Liability

The user and / or purchaser shall be liable for damages suffered Motorcycletrader.us  directly or indirectly, on the occasion of a breach of these Terms and Conditions of Use or the law You acknowledge and agree that The Site is not responsible for defamatory conduct , offensive, illegal and / or criminal its Users and / or the buyer .

Disclaimer of Warranties and Liability

The user and / or purchaser expressly acknowledge and agree that Motorcycletrader.us makes no warranty or liability recognized on :

  1. a) The availability and continuity in the operation of the Site, and the accuracy of the information published on us is the responsibility of the person who provided it. Therefore the site is not responsible for any errors or omissions that may be published. The Site is not responsible for the accuracy of the information provided by users. The listing data displayed as they have been provided through the registration and / or published by the user.
  2. b) Damages caused to users relating to the interruption of services offered on the Site.
  3. c) The privacy and security of the use of the Site and the services he offers, in particular, does not guarantee that unauthorized third parties may have knowledge of the conditions, characteristics and circumstances of use that user do of the Site.
  4. d) The presence of virus or other elements in the contents that may alter a computer system or electronic documents and files stored in your computer system.
  5. e) The legality, reliability and usefulness of the content; and reliability of services provided through the Site.

Motorcycletrader.us  think your website is accurate and reliable . However, the site does not guarantee that all information contained in the website is complete or correct.


Motorcycletrader.us  may be terminated or suspended at any time , without notice , the provision of services through the Site, or may suspend indefinitely the operation of the Site, without generating any responsibility for Motorcycletrader.us.

Once is interrupted , temporarily or permanently , the provision of services through the Site , the restrictions set forth in these Terms and Conditions of Use in relation to the contents Motorcycletrader.us  owned and / or third parties shall remain in force .

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