When it comes to riding a motorcycle, safety and style go hand in hand. One of the most crucial pieces of gear for any motorcyclist is the jacket. Not only does it protect the rider from the elements, but it also provides a critical layer of protection in case of an accident. In this comprehensive 4000-word article, we will explore the world of motorcycle jackets, including enduro jackets and riding jackets. Motorcycle Trades US will discuss the various types, brands, certifications, and the quality of materials that make these jackets an essential part of a rider’s wardrobe.

I. Types of Motorcycle Jackets

1.1. Cruiser Jackets are designed for those who prefer the open road and the classic look. Brands like Harley-Davidson, Indian Motorcycle, and Roland Sands Design offer a wide range of cruiser jackets, known for their rugged style and durability.

1.2. Sportbike Jackets For sportbike enthusiasts, jackets from brands like Alpinestars, Dainese, and REV’IT! are popular choices. These jackets often feature aggressive designs, aerodynamic elements, and advanced armor systems for maximum protection.

1.3. Adventure Touring Jackets Riders who enjoy both on-road and off-road adventures often opt for adventure touring jackets. Brands like Klim and Touratech are renowned for their high-quality adventure jackets designed to withstand various weather conditions and terrains.

1.4. Enduro Jackets Enduro jackets are specifically tailored for off-road riding, offering enhanced breathability, lightweight construction, and ample storage options. Brands like KTM and Moose Racing cater to the needs of enduro riders.

1.5. Riding Jackets Riding jackets, a versatile choice for many motorcyclists, combine functionality and style. They come in various styles, from vintage to modern, and are often designed for all-weather riding.

II. Certification and Safety Standards

2.1. CE Certification In Europe, the CE certification is a common safety standard for motorcycle gear, including jackets. CE-approved armor and abrasion-resistant materials provide riders with confidence in their safety. Jackets that meet these standards are tested and rated for their protective qualities.

2.2. DOT Certification In the United States, the Department of Transportation (DOT) certification is the standard for motorcycle helmets. While this certification is primarily for helmets, it’s important to look for jackets that meet or exceed DOT safety standards, as it ensures a certain level of protection.

2.3. Safety Features High-quality motorcycle jackets often come with safety features such as impact protectors (CE-certified armor) for the shoulders, elbows, and back, as well as reflective elements for increased visibility at night. Additionally, reinforced stitching and durable materials add to the overall safety of the jacket.

III. Materials and Quality

3.1. Leather Jackets Leather jackets have been a staple in motorcycling for decades. They are highly durable and offer excellent abrasion resistance. Brands like Schott NYC, Dainese, and Vanson Leather are known for their top-quality leather jackets. Full-grain leather is the highest quality, offering maximum protection and longevity.

3.2. Textile Jackets Textile jackets have gained popularity due to their versatility and affordability. They are often made from materials like Cordura and Gore-Tex, which are known for their durability and weather resistance. Brands like Rev’it!, Alpinestars, and Klim offer top-notch textile jackets.

3.3. Mesh Jackets For hot and humid riding conditions, mesh jackets are ideal. They are constructed with breathable materials that provide ample airflow while maintaining protection. Brands like Olympia Moto Sports and Joe Rocket produce high-quality mesh jackets.

3.4. Hybrid Jackets Hybrid jackets combine the best of both worlds, featuring a blend of leather or textile with strategically placed mesh panels. This design provides riders with protection and ventilation. Brands like Scorpion Exo and Icon have excellent hybrid options.

IV. Top Motorcycle Jacket Brands

4.1. Alpinestars Alpinestars is a renowned brand in the motorcycling world, offering a wide range of jackets suitable for different riding styles. They are known for their innovative designs, high-quality materials, and safety features.

4.2. Dainese Dainese is an Italian brand that has been a leader in motorcycle safety gear for decades. Their jackets are stylish and often incorporate cutting-edge technology, such as D-air airbag systems.

4.3. REV’IT! REV’IT! is a Dutch brand that focuses on providing stylish and functional riding gear. Their jackets are popular for their urban and adventure riding styles, with an emphasis on high-quality materials.

4.4. Klim Klim is synonymous with adventure touring and enduro riding. Their jackets are designed to withstand the harshest conditions and are favored by riders exploring remote terrains.

4.5. Schott NYC Schott NYC is an iconic American brand, famous for its leather jackets. They have a long history in producing high-quality motorcycle gear that combines fashion with function.

V. Choosing the Right Motorcycle Jacket

Selecting the right motorcycle jacket depends on your riding style, the climate in which you ride, and your personal preferences. Keep the following factors in mind:

5.1. Riding Style Your choice of jacket should align with your riding style. Make sure to choose a jacket that complements your cruiser, sportbike, adventure touring, enduro, or general riding needs.

5.2. Weather Conditions Consider the weather conditions in your area. If you frequently ride in rainy or cold conditions, opt for jackets with waterproof and thermal liners.

5.3. Fit and Comfort A well-fitting jacket is essential for comfort and safety. Ensure that the jacket allows for a full range of motion and is snug without being too tight.

5.4. Safety Features Prioritize safety by choosing a jacket with certified armor, impact protectors, and reflective elements for visibility.

5.5. Brand Reputation Select a reputable brand known for its quality and durability. Research customer reviews and expert opinions to gauge the reliability of the brand and product.


Motorcycle jackets, whether designed for cruisers, sportbikes, adventure touring, enduro riding, or general riding, are a critical component of a motorcyclist’s gear. Safety and style are both achievable with the right jacket, and various certifications and safety standards ensure a high level of protection. The choice between leather, textile, mesh, or hybrid materials depends on your riding conditions and preferences. With renowned brands like Alpinestars, Dainese, REV’IT!, Klim, and Schott NYC, there are options for every rider’s needs. Ultimately, the perfect motorcycle jacket is the one that provides safety, comfort, and style, allowing riders to enjoy their journeys on two wheels with confidence and flair

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